david veldhoen works

the art of nature

….nothing or it exists in relation to everything. ‘Natura Artis Magistra’ -nature from which the Arts learn- is in a metaphorical sense the basic principle of the here selected works. Almost as the depicted natural phenomas themselves such as petrification, sound waves, vortices, plants or amphibians, the works interact with the uniqueness of their contexts. Various materials, techniques and even various disciplines are vehikels for a concept refererring to our paradoxal struggle with nature. The human claim beiing the crowning glory of creation is at least put in perspective. However, in a recent case an artwork has been realised in the form of a building. It will be the focus of an interaction between human exchange and the realm of insects together in the surrounding habitat. This is expressed by four thousand holes in the facade in an attempt to get visitors imagining the eyesight of a bee.

As well a sculptor, as an architectural designer, activist and entrepeneur Veldhoen started making sculptures and a movie, ‘Pompeii Now’ (1980) in Italy for Dutch national TV. His fascination was the 3D-freeze of Pompeiians during the dramatic moments after the eruption of the Vesuvius at 79 AD. He compared the differences and accordances between the eruption and a nuclear strike. Not long after the movie was broadcast he lived both for more than a year in New York and Samoa; the ultimate artificial versus a natural way of living. These crucial experiences lead to the awareness of the self-correcting powers of nature over mankind. They also formed the leitmotif for the works: nature learning how art could make thinkmodels as artists in earlier days took religion as a drive for storytelling. There is….

(footage: from 'Solaris' by Andrej Tarkovsky)